The prodigy


I am told every day that I am a gift, but I don’t see myself in ribbons or a box. I am reminded that I am the reason behind Hand of Fatima, but I know nothing about that. I am only aware of a world that I see through my mother’s eyes, and it’s a beautiful world. A world overflowing with natural beauty, scenic landscapes, amazing creatures, and most importantly yummy food. A world with countless books, kindness, hugs, selfless love and funny kisses from Nanna and her enormous spectacles. 


Development & Branding

Inspired by my mother’s love for my name, by my proud Middle Eastern upbringing, the natural beauty of the Cretan landscape, and my admiration for the Mediterranean Cuisine. Through health complications and fate, I have finally found a passion that reflects who I am and what I aspire to be as an individual. A passion that each person can relate to, whether through faith, culture or history.

I am grateful to my family who built me, for being a mother as it grounds me, to my son who motivates me every day to do better for him, his generation and the future thereafter.


Commercial & Logistics

Having studied economics, Irini has a love for numbers, consistent financial productivity, and market assessment. Living in Crete the past 15 years and working in hospitality, has destined her path to meeting a friend and now colleague at Hand of Fatima. Jointly in this demanding and challenging industry, knowledge has been gained and admiration for the purpose of it has been imbedded.

Now a mother herself, her ethics and purpose are driven further to ensure a secure and safe environment for the coming offspring.


Production & Operations

Born into a family that bears knowledge of harvesting and trading olive oil since 1980, Ioannis conveys tradition, passion and expertise in producing unique quality of extra virgin olive oil. Being part of a constantly growing industry, side by side with his wife Alexandra, they run a mill, where they have introduced a fresh philosophy towards the cultivation of high-grade olive oil.

Now a proud father, Ioannis hopes to be a mentor, and to continue sustaining the legacy to pass on in the future, similarly to how he so naturally and willingly bequeathed it.


Technical & Processes 

Alexandra, a food scientist, manages the olive oil mill, alongside her husband Ioannis. With her exceptional technical knowledge, she ensures that high food safety standards are maintained, through controlling and monitoring the process of olive oil production. From gathering the fruit, to pressing, to bottling, and finally trading it as extra virgin olive oil.

Alexandra’s mastery is confirmed by many, including her little toddler, who occasionally joins in for trial productions and taste panels.